Eastern Subterranean Termites (Reticulitermes flavipes)

The termite colony has three primary castes: 
Workers: Do damage to house
Soldiers: Protect colony from invaders. 
Reproductives: They typically stay in nest in ground. Supplementary reproductives are the “swarmers” of colony that appear in spring.
      The only termites in this area are Eastern Subterranean Termites. Their nest is in the soil below the frost line and above water tables. Their source of food is cellulose (wood). They live under ground and feed off rotted stumps, firewood directly stored on ground, buried lumber, and the wood of your house. Homeowners typically see termites swarming from late February to early June. They are weak fliers and are attracted to light (windows, doors or lighting within house) when swarming on inside of house. When they swarm they eventually break off wings and find a mate. They then try to find suitable conditions to start a colony. Many are not successful in finding a suitable nesting site. If swarmers are found inside of house the worker termites are feeding on wood within house. The most common areas to see swarming termites are:
Front entrance: The termites can access structure from between house and front steps. They then start feeding off wood directly below front entry. 
Garage door frame: This area is desirable for termites because wood is extremely close to soil. The termites will access area by getting between the seam of garage floor and walls of garage.
Basement: The termites can access the structure between basement walls and basement floor and feed off wood inside finished rooms in basement.  
Treatments: There are 2 types of treatments
Conventional Liquid treatments: This treatment has been used for decades.   Typically it entails a barrier treatment around the exterior foundation of home. 
Bait programs: Bait programs are designed for homes with certain conditions: Well on property, rubble foundation ,slab construction, sensitive conditions.   
Atlantis Pest Management Inc. can provide either of these services and is fully licensed by The Dept. of Food and Agriculture Pesticide division. We will have to inspect your property in person to provide estimate.