Milton, MA


"When we discovered rats in our garage we were horrified and immediately called a household name pest removal company. After four weeks of their treatment, the situation became worse. We saw evidence of rats in our house and called for immediate help. The company we had been dealing with said it hadn't been long enough since their last visit. And, since we were coming up on a long weekend, they would wait another five days before returning! Looking in the yellow pages, I called Atlantis Pest Management. When I explained the situation, the person who answered said I should call the owner on his cell phone. Finally, someone who understood how horrible this was. When I called, Mike Twomey, the owner, said he would be there later that day. After assessing the situation, he completely changed the approach. Since the other company's tactics hadn't made any difference, clearly they weren't the right ones. He set traps and began to look for the entrance points. He also suggested we contact the city and see if there had been any other activity in the area, particularly in the water and sewer pipe channels. After just a week, Atlantis made a significant improvement. Further, they were always available and came frequently to check the situation. They also discovered and cemented off a hole under the front hall with direct access to the town sewer pipes. In a relatively short period of time, there was no more activity and we are now safe from any further invasions. I can't say enough about the great service and, most especially, the experience and knowledge Atlantis Pest showed in our situation. You can definitely count on them."